Men Today Have Half The Testosterone Their Grandfathers Had

This impacts all men…whether they know it or not

Research has uncovered a population wide decline in men's testosterone levels decade over decade. [A]

It's sad but true - modern life has stacked the deck against your balls

> Exposure to synthetic xeno-estrogens from plastic [B,C,D]

> Chemicals sprayed on food crops feminize animals by disrupting the endocrine system. [E,F]

> Modern foods taint you with phyto-estrogens (plant based estrogens). [G,H,I]

> Water sources are polluted with endocrine disruptors that feminize aquatic animals. [J,K,L]

> Non-stick skillets leach hormone disrupting chemicals into your food (hint: cast iron is safe & manly). [M,N]

Your phone deforms your sperm. [O,P,Q]

>Your pants, underwear, & couch cook your balls. [R,S,T]

Laptops overheat testicles, which tanks testosterone. [U,V]

The Caveman's Unfair Advantage: Cold Exposure

For 200,000 years humans lived as hunter gatherers, embedded in nature's harsh elements.

The modern comforts that insulate us from nature have only been around for a short time.

Your body is adapted to deal with the cold caveman style, but in modern times our bodies don't get cold.

The Secret Problem All Men Face

Your Balls (which produce nearly all of your Testosterone) don't get enough cold

(Cold balls are the reason why so many guys report a libido boost from cold showers)

Ask yourself this...

Are Your Balls gonna work harder for you if they think you spend all day at a desk...

or if they think you're hunting caribou in the dead of winter because your life depends on it?

If you want to:

- reclaim your inner-warrior

- Have more energy

- boost your libido

Then make sure your balls get caveman cold

[Are You Adventurous?]

Level-Up w/ The JetPack Cold Pack:

State of the Art Cold Gear for Your Balls

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Make the Cold Your Secret Weapon

Chill with the JetPack at night & toss it in the freezer the next morning - reuse the JetPack over & over again.

- Made in North America
- Non-toxic gel
- So safe you could eat off of it
- A million times safer than a Chinese PVC cold pack
- No plasticizers
- No weird smells
- Adjustable Cord for a Snug Fit
- Storage Bag Included (Keeps a barrier between your balls & the food in your freezer😆)

Bro, Do You Even Ice Your Balls?

[Here's four reasons why you should]

1) Mitochondrial Biogenesis:

> Because the testicles produce the lion’s share of your testosterone, optimizing their mitochondrial density (and ATP energy available) is critical to optimizing hormone production.

> Mitochondrial dysfunction is associated with low T levels [W]

> The good news is that cold therapy grows mitochondria [X], which are the power plants of your cells.

2) Oxygen Delivery:

> It’s counterintuitive, but the JetPack’s brief cold exposure improves blood circulation & oxygen delivery to the testicles.

> The cold contracts blood vessels. This helps to squeeze out stagnant blood & make room for freshly oxygenated blood.

3) Temperature,Testosterone, & Sperm Quality:

> Cooler testicles make higher quality sperm [Y]


> High quality sperm is associated with higher T levels [Z]

> Research shows that cooler testicles make better sperm and more testosterone [AA]

-Layers of clothes


-Sitting too much

-And heated buildings all contribute to modern men having elevated testicle temperatures [BB] and lower testosterone levels

4) Chilling Right Before Sleep is Ideal:

> The JetPack slightly lowers your body temp, which helps you get deeper sleep & better hormone production.

> We sleep more deeply with a lower body temperature [CC]

> And better quality sleep leads to higher T because your body produces hormones when you sleep [DD]

Chill with the JetPack right before sleep:

(Super Easy to do)

- Chill at night while you're reading or watching something in bed before sleep.

- It’s an easy habit to keep because chilling at night before sleep takes zero time out of your day.

- Your JetPack should have a slushy consistency

- If it's frozen solid, let if warm up for a few minutes before using.

- Take it easy at first, with just a few minutes of chill time

- Bro, don't be a hero: if there's discomfort, take a break for a minute or two

- Toss it back in the freezer the next morning so it’s ready to go that night.


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